Cufflink And Anker Subscription

  • $ 40.00 CAD

Quality for Your Style and Wardrobe
Cufflinks are a statement and people either get it or don't. Unfortunately, most retailers play it safe by offering cufflink styles that aren't interesting, don't make a statement or offer low-quality, cheap knock offs that often fall apart at first wear.

Cufflink and anker subscriptionAt pranga We're Different
pranga offers updated classics, modern designs and outstanding style with excellent quality at affordable prices. An advantage with our interchangeable system is that we can offer ankers, the decorative cufflink motif, at great prices since we don't have to make the entire cufflink every time. With our subscription service you receive regular shipments of our fantastic cufflink ankers, perfect for your wardrobe. Receive amazing cufflinks and ankers from pranga to your door every month, bi-monthly or quarterly. Your subscription includes free global shipping and can be cancelled at any time.

We want you to build up a selection of amazing cufflinks so you can show off your unique personality and style. Each pair of cufflink ankers are conversation starters having their own distinct history and character. We want you to look good and to anker your style with pranga.

How it Works
Choose from our monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly packages of fantastic cufflinks and ankers that you want to receive or give as a gift. With each delivery you receive a different pair of ankers curated just for our members. Every few months you even receive bonus ankers that aren't available to other customers.

What will you get this time?
Cufflink anker of the month subscription example Cufflink anker of the month subscription example Cufflink anker of the month subscription example

Your Choices
* Choose your length four, six or 12 months

* Choose either four or six deliveries that happen every other month

* One pair each three months for four quarters

Horns of Ammon cufflink ankers from pranga & co Yack Attack semi-precious gemstone cufflink ankers from pranga & co White Ice glass cufflink ankers from pranga & co Big Red Bubbles Murano glass cufflink ankers from pranga & co Oh Canada 150 Maple wood cufflink ankers from pranga &a co
Fine Print
  1. First payment is due upon signup.
  2. The first order will include a base pair of cufflink shanks, our fantastic and unique jewelry storage/travel box and your first pair of ankers.
  3. Order will ship on the 15th day of the month, or the nearest next business day.
  4. Subsequent orders will be processed on the first day of the month in which the delivery will be made.
  5. If your card is declined, we will contact you to update the information. If the payment issue can't be resolved by the 10th of the month you may skip that current month's cuff links or cancel the subscription.
  6. Did we mention that all shipping is free?