Numis Canada 2018 10 Dollar Cufflink Ankers

  • $ 27.00 CAD

Country Canada
Year 2018
Denomination 10 Dollars
WPM Catalog Code P-113a



Description (Courtesy of

Viola Desmond was a successful black businesswoman who was jailed, convicted and fined for defiantly refusing to leave a whites-only area of a movie theatre in 1946. Her court case was an inspiration for the pursuit of racial equality across Canada. This is Canada's first vertical banknote.  You can read more about her incredible story here and watch a Canadian Heritage minute here.

Map showing Halifax’s North End
This historic community in Halifax was where Viola Desmond lived and worked, and served as a source of invaluable support during her struggle for justice. This artistic rendering of a historic map shows the waterfront, Citadel and Gottingen Street, the thoroughfare where Vi’s Studio of Beauty Culture was located.

A Record of Democracy
The Library of Parliament’s vaulted dome ceiling, capped by arched windows that flood the library with natural light, is a stunning example of the Gothic Revival style of architecture. The laws of the land are shaped by the knowledge housed in this institution of democracy.

Truth, Power, Freedom
For many First Nations peoples in Canada, the eagle is believed to fly higher and see further than any other bird, and an eagle feather symbolizes ideals such as truth, power and freedom. It is intended to represent the ongoing journey toward recognizing rights and freedoms for Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

Our Rights, Enshrined
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, entrenched in the Constitution of Canada in 1982, guarantees the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals in the highest law of the land.

Defender of Rights
The laurel leaf, an ancient symbol of justice, appears in the grand entrance hall of the Supreme Court of Canada, the nation’s final court of appeal and ultimate judicial defender of rights in the country. A laurel leaf pattern is found in the bottom right corner on the back of the bank note.

When creating the ankers we attempt to capture interesting aspects of each bill. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee selected areas such as serial numbers, year or denomination for specific purchases. Each piece has interesting aspects on the front or back. There are even ankers that appear to have just white space, but reveal watermark features when held up to the light. The full image of the banknotes is just a sample and not the actual ones used in the production of the ankers.

Please note that the Numis series of ankers are sold individually and not as pairs.

Don't forget to add in cufflink shanks if you don't already own a set.  If you're interested in learning more about the environmental aspects of our ankers, read on.

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