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About Pranga
There are a few fashion accessories elements that men have at their disposal to show flare and individuality when it comes to business or formal attire. Less people are wearing watches because of smart watches.  Ties are almost gone because of casual Fridays.  Socks are nice, but they're difficult to see when you're wearing pants!

Cufflinks are the way to go, especially with the increased availability of convertible cuff shirts.  These shirts are great allowing you to button up the cuffs or wear cufflinks.

For the longest time cufflinks were like the old line about Model-T Fords, "you can have any color so long as it's black."  The vast majority of cufflinks out there are either, silver, gold or black.

No Longer
pranga is doing for cufflinks, what Pandora did for the charm bracelet.  We've created a patent pending system, allowing you to change the look of your cufflink by simply replacing the decorative element known as an anker.

The interchangeable ankers that give you the freedom to personalize your look and style quickly and easily.  Our ankers are made from a variety of materials including semi-precious stones, hardwood, Murano style lampwork glass, fabric and many others.  The designs come in a wide variety of color and texture with many being absolutely unique.

Many of our ankers have stories behind their creation.  The Shawl Dance for example is made from reclaimed butterfly wings (don't worry, only dead butterflies are collected) and go to support rainforest conservation.  Suamox Muisca, made from coal help support to Colombian program designed to teach jewelry making skills to youth and dissuade them from working the local coal mines. Or how about 75 million year old cufflinks made from fossilized remains of Ammonites. .

We encourage you to explore our ever growing collection.  All of our ankers are compatible with various charm bracelet systems and visa-versa.

We like to call it the K.I.S.S. warranty, but it has nothing to do with the band.  You can read more about it here.