Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pranga cuff link work?
The pranga cuff link is easy to use. Simply twist the top part counter-clockwise until it comes off the base. then insert your anker. Replace the top and screw it back in so that it’s tight. You’re all done!

Won’t the anker slide down the cufflink?
A tie is too long until you wear it.  Same for our cufflink.  Once you’ve placed the cufflink on your shirt, the cuff will naturally support the anker preventing it from sliding.

Can the cufflink accidentally come apart?
If you secure the top by twisting it tight, no.

There was one time at the end of the day when I noticed that the top of the cuff link was loose. Why did this happen?
You didn’t secure the top by twisting it tight.

I lost the top part of my cufflink. What do I do?
Contact us and we’ll get you a free replacement. Make sure that you register for warranty support first!

Will pranga ankers fit on a Pandora charm bracelet?
Yes, most of our ankers have a hole size of 4.5mm so then can fit on Pandora, Persona and many other charm bracelets.

Will a Pandora charm fit on a pranga cufflink?
Usually they do. If the hole is at least 4.5mm and there is no threading, then yes, it’ll fit.

My significant other, keeps on taking my ankers for their charm bracelet and not returning them back to me. What should I do?
Sit down with your partner and have a serious heart to heart about . . . You know what? Just buy a couple of extra pairs of ankers. We’ve got a lot to choose from and more are being released each quarter.

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