Curated Leathers Cufflinks and Ankers

  • $ 132.00 CAD
  • Save $ 33.00 CAD

Our Curated Collection of cufflinks and ankers provide you with the perfect starter pack. Express your style with our patent-pending interchangeable cufflink system.

The three pairs of ankers in this collection are made from high quality natural leather. However, you also benefit from the extra colour combinations. Each pair of ankers is made from two different, but complimentary colours:

  • Dark Brown and Light Brown
  • Black and White
  • Orange and Yellow
  • Tan and Blue
  • Rust Red and Forest Green

While leather is quite stain resistant, it can get dirty. Prevent stains from setting by immediately hand washing using a gentile soap and applying a moderate amount “elbow grease” on dirty area and air dry.

Save at least $25 when buying any of our curated sets over individually purchasing all the pieces.

Leather for our ankers were made by material sourced from Simona Tanning, a gold certified member of the Leather Working Group ("LWG").  LWG has develop and maintain a protocol that assesses the environmental compliance and performance capabilities of leather manufacturers and promotes sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices within the leather industry.

If you're interested in learning more about the environmental aspects of our ankers, read on.

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