Curated Natural Selection Cufflinks and Ankers

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Our Curated Collection of cufflinks and ankers provide you with the perfect starter pack.  Express your style with our patent-pending interchangeable cufflink system.

These fossils are the oldest ankers we have in our collection.  The fossilized remains of ammonites are between 65 million and 240 million years old!  Their name originates from the shells likeness to spiraled rams horns which sat atop the head of the Egyptian god Ammon.

The colourful square ankers are made from reclaimed butterfly wings found in the rain forests of Colombia.  Only dead butterflies are collected through a special permit that allows them to be gathered.  A portion of the income generated from these ankers go to support rain forest conservation.

The Morca-Boyaca workshop was created to keep young men and boys from working in the hazardous mines of Colombia.  Participants are encouraged to attend school and learn the craft of carving coal in to jewelry.

Our founder visited the project and to support their cause, asked to have these ankers created.  The patterns on the front and back relate to the pre-Colombian  Muisca who had settled in the area known as Boyaca departments between 5500 and 1000 BCE.  Read more about here.

Save at least $25 when buying any of our curated sets over individually purchasing all the pieces.

If you're interested in learning more about the environmental aspects of our ankers, read on.

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