Curated Numis Germany WWI & WWII

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Our Curated Collection of cufflinks and ankers provide you with the perfect starter pack.  Express your style with our patent-pending interchangeable cufflink system.  Includes black and silver stainless steel cufflink shanks.

The ankers in this collection are real banknotes.  Notgeld were issued during the first World War in 1914 by local governments when monetary shortages could not be met by the German central bank.  Professional printers eventually incorporated pleasing designs into later issues which contributed to hoarding in many cases. Issuers realized the demand and began to issue more notes in 1920 and during the hyperinflation of 1923.

Paying for the costs of the First World War and reparations, Germany suspended the gold standard.  In the ensuing years the mark steadily declined in value, but in 1922 it was about to plummet.  A loaf of bread that in Berlin cost around 160 Marks at the end of 1922 cost 200,000,000,000 Marks less than a year later.  The 100,000 Marks were issued in 1923.

The 50 Mark notes are from 1948 when Germany was split up into East and West Germany, and occupied by the Allied Forces and Soviet Union.

The obverse and reverse of each banknote are cut to contain interesting aspects of the banknote with some showing watermarks visible when held up to a light.

Yes, It’s Legal For Us To Cut Up These Authentic Banknotes

Many of the banknotes used in the Numis series have been demonetized and have only intrinsic collection value. According to the Canadian Currency Act (R.S.C., 985, c. C-52) what we are doing is legal. Similarly, there are no Canadian laws that prevent us from making these unique products using banknotes from around the world.

Save at least $25 when buying any of our curated sets over individualy purchasing all the pieces.

If you're interested in learning more about the environmental aspects of our ankers, read on.

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