Numis Banknote Collection of Ankers

Canada 1967 DollarThe use of coins as decoration has been a common place ever since the since cufflinks first appeared. With pranga's interchangeable system banknotes can now be features as decoration for your cuffs. The patterns, colours and designs for banknotes are nearly limitless and provide for a great addition to anyone's wardrobe.

Here you'll find pranga's collection of numismatic (the study or collection of currency) ankers made of banknotes from around the world and from governments no longer in existence. There are denominations ranging from 50¢ to $100,000,000,000,000 - One Hundred Trillion Dollars! - Take that Dr. Evil)

Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollars Not Sold In Pairs
One major difference with these is that they are sold as individual pieces. Normally we sell our ankers in pairs, but feedback from customers is that they prefer to mix and match them. As a "mix/match" encouragement, we are currently providing a 20% discount when purchases of six pieces are made from the collection. You can still purchase a pair, just put two in shopping cart (and they count towards the discount).  You'll still need to select a pair of metal cufflinks to use the ankers if you don't already own some.

When creating the ankers we attempt to capture interesting aspects of each bill. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee selected areas such as serial numbers, year or denomination for specific purchases. Each piece has interesting aspects on the front or back. There are even ankers that appear to have just white space, but reveal watermark features when held up to the light.

Is What We're Doing Legal?
Many of the banknotes used have been demonetized and have only intrinsic collection value. According to the Canadian Currency Act (R.S.C., 985, c. C-52) what we are doing is legal. Similarly, there are no Canadian laws that prevent us from making these unique products using banknotes from around the world.

Looking for Something Specific?
Our Numis Collection will be growing as we bring on other banknotes from around the world. Our goal is to have every country covered and each year from 1900 onward. If there's something specific you're looking for, please let us know!

Italy 1984 10000 LireFrench Pacific Territories 1995 1000 FrancsIreland 1989 1 PoundPortugal 1987 500 Escudo