Emergency Cufflinks

  • $ 19.99 CAD

We here acknowledge that there will be times when you won't have access to your fantastic pranga cufflinks and ankers.  It could be a last minute vacation decision to attend a fancy restaurant.  Maybe you're an undercover agent on assignment but "Q" forgot to assign you laser guided, anti-tank cufflinks (currently under development) or the boss requests your attendance "C" level dinner.

Enter pranga's Emergency Cufflinks.  Made from sustainable growth plywood, these  are flat pack and can go everywhere with you.  They'll easily slip into your wallet or business card holder.  Simply pop out the six pieces, wipe down the edges (we cut these with lasers, so there can be residual soot), assemble.  Wear and enjoy your event.

Sold in sets of two with a black/white combination and silver/gold in each pack.

By the way, we'll give these to you **free** with any purchase of cufflinks and ankers!  If you're interested in learning more about the environmental aspects of our ankers, read on.