Numis Bahamas 2001 1/2 (half) Dollar Cufflink Ankers

  • $ 27.00 CAD

Country Bahamas
Year 2001
Denomination 1/2 Dollar 
WPM Catalog Code P-68



Front: Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.  A watermark of a Spanish Galleon appears on the right, an outline map of The Bahamas in the centre, basketwork from the straw market, Freeport and the Bank's logo on the left.

Back: Carries a picture depicting Sister Sarah in the Nassau Market. The picture is surrounded by a border, which includes on the right, the coat-of-arms of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, the Bank's logo, and the numeral $1/2 and, on the bottom left, a picture of a hand of bananas.

When creating the ankers we attempt to capture interesting aspects of each bill. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee selected areas such as serial numbers, year or denomination for specific purchases. Each piece has interesting aspects on the front or back. There are even ankers that appear to have just white space, but reveal watermark features when held up to the light. The full image of the banknotes is just a sample and not the actual ones used in the production of the ankers.

Please note that the Numis series of ankers are sold individually and not as pairs.

Don't forget to add in cufflink shanks if you don't already own a set.  If you're interested in learning more about the environmental aspects of our ankers, read on.

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