Horns of Ammon

  • $ 70.00 CAD

These ankers were at least 70,000,000 years in the making! We just wanted to make sure that we got them rights. What you are looking at are the fossilized remains of Ammonites, a type of marine mollusc that first appeared over 400,000,000 years ago. Each pair is from the fossilized remains of one Ammonite. Each Ammonite fossil was hand selected, cut and polished for use as pranga ankers.

Our pictures don't do the ankers justice.

Some notes. These are fossils. They are old and small. They are fragile. If you drop them on a hard surface like a marble floor, they will break! Make sure that when you put these ankers on your cufflink shanks that you tighten them really well.

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