Pranga Cufflinks - Silver Steel (cufflink ankers) - pranga

Pranga Cufflinks - Silver Steel (cufflink ankers)

  • $ 35.00 CAD

Stainless Steel - SIlver

This here is at the heart of pranga & co's patent-pending interchangeable cufflink system. This innovative cufflink comes apart, allowing the wearer to undate their look quickly and easily.

Make sure to view our selection of wonderful and classic anker styles. It should be noted that other bracelet charms may fit pranga & co cufflinks providing that the inner hole has a diameter greater than 4mm and visa-versa. Our products are free of Nickle and Cadmium.

Unless otherwise noted, ankers are sold separately from cufflinks. However for each pair of cufflink you purchase, $10.00 will be discounted from one pair of ankers.

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