Turtle Island

  • $ 475.00 CAD

Turtle Island is the name of North America according to a number of Indigenous peoples. According to the Ojibwe, Kitche Manitou, the Great Spirit, had a vision, a dream making all elements of the earth with the Original People, Anishinabe, last.

At some point the Anishinabe began to fight hurting each other. Kitche Manitou saw that there was no harmony or respect for the living and flooded earth, with only a few animals and birds surviving. All agreed that they needed land in order to survive.

Many animals dove deep into the water but failed to return with any earth. Only the little muskrat managed this great task. The earth muskrat brought forth was put on the turtles back and from that Turtle Island was formed.

Regardless of your beliefs, respect each other and earth. Made from recycled 900 silver.

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