Answer Me This - Six Cufflink Questions Part IV

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AMA originated with members of AOL, the internet service to interact and ask each other questions. The first room was placed in the Romance category. It eventually morphed and appeared in the general chat category. By the year 2000, message boards began to see their own Ask Me Anything threads where specialists in a specific area encouraged posters to ask them questions. Things really didn't hit mainstream until the the Reddit introduction of the "I Am A" subreddit in May, 2009.

This isn't so much an Ask Me Anything (but feel free to post questions in the comment section), but Answering Most Everything that's related to cufflinks. I've seen so many questions related to cufflinks that it'll take a serious amount of time to write detailed, in-depth responses. However, this doesn't prevent us here at pranga & co, to provide some quick answers for six of those burning questions.

Cufflinks are projected to me a US$6.5billion market by 2022Are cufflinks in style?
Absolutely, cufflinks are in style, more than people realize! There are also less fashion options for men. Fewer are wearing ties due to less formal office attire. Men can wear funky socks, but if you're wearing a suit, no one is going to notice them. Smart watches are becoming more popular, but they lack style and most look very similar. These factors are a large reason why the cufflink marketplace is growing at over 14.6% per annum and is projected to be a global value of over US$6.5billion by 2022 (references are here and here). Men's accessories is growing at an overall rate of 9%. By comparison luxury watches are growing at 3% and shoes at 8%. Cufflinks are where Cufflinks is one of the fastest growing segment of Men's fashionfashion is at!

Can cufflinks be worn with a suit?

Absolutely yes!

Cufflinks be worn with jeans?
Yes, they can look fantastic!

Are cufflinks considered jewelry?
Yes, cufflinks can be considered as jewelry but also as a fashion accessory.

Cufflinks be worn with any shirt?
No. Cufflinks need a shirt/blouse cuff that has a minimum of two holes at the end of the cuff. One hole near each edge of the cuff so that the cufflink can pass through to form a closing "loop" for the shirt/blouse cuff. In the case of a double French cuff shirt/blouse there are two pair of holes on each side that match up when the cuff is folded back. Once the pair of holes are matched up from folding, the cufflink can be used to complete the cuff "loop".

Are cufflinks a good gift for boyfriend, wife, girlfriend or husband?
Yes. Specially if your significant other has style, likes fashion, wants to add a bit of flare to an outfit. They are some many cufflink options that can easily match cufflinks to hobbies, sporting activities, profession and more.

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