No, We Don't Want Your Money (Right Now)

Posted by Daniel Feuer on

With the world-wide impact of Covid-19, there are higher priorities than buying our cufflinks.

Accessories like cufflinks are purely a social statement and are best appreciated when our customers are mentally and physically strong. When they can enjoy time with family, friends and co-workers. At this moment in history, buying new cufflinks does not even register on the radar or priorities.

Now, I’m not a complete fool. If you seriously want to buy our cufflinks or place a custom order, your money will not be refused. We have bills to pay like other entrepreneurs, so thank you. However, my Mother won’t be impressed and may call you (don’t worry, we don’t share your personal information, not even with Mom.)

With slower sales and downtime, I’m not going to sit idle. There are new ankers to design, office space to tidy, inventory and raw materials to organize. We’ll be planning for changes to our website, outlining future blog posts and more. On a personal note, I’m virtually checking in on our neighbours through a Facebook Group, catching up with friends and family through virtual get togethers.

Please continue to practice “social distancing” to help reduce the spread of the Covid-19 and to lessen the impact to our health care system.

Keep safe and wash your hands.

Daniel Feuer

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