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Move over coin cufflinks, style has a new denomination

Toronto, Ontario - October 29, 2018 - For many wearers, cufflinks created from coins are a wonderful way to show fashion and style for those attracted to particular countries, dates or even design attributes.  Banknotes too display style and have the added benefit of color and a larger canvas to express design.  While coins have been incorporated in to cufflinks for years, banknotes were never a consideration. Until now.

"This is something that's never been done before in a cufflink," says pranga's founder Daniel Feuer, "Coin cufflinks are relatively easy to create and we wanted something different and more unique." pranga & co is the first company ever to use real banknotes in the design of cufflinks. The initial release of the "Numis Collection" series features banknotes from over a dozen countries including Canada, Sweden, France and Ireland.

"Banknotes have such fantastic design elements on both sides", says Feuer, "and fortunately with our unique cufflink system customers can flip over the banknote ankers to show off either side." Ankers are the decorative elements from pranga's patent-pending interchangeable cufflink system.

There are several prominent banknotes included in the initial release of the Numis Collection. One such is the largest denomination banknote ever, a 100 Trillion-dollar bill from Zimbabwe that was printed at the height of the country's hyper-inflation in 2008. Also included are ankers commemorating Canada's centennial anniversary.

pranga & co manufactures creative and beautifully designed cufflinks in a sustainable and environmentally responsible fashion using a patent-pending interchangeable system. Just as most people will renovate their kitchen rather than buying an entirely new house, pranga takes the same approach with cufflinks. Customers simply swap out the decorative element called "ankers" to change the cufflink look rather than buying an entire new pair. With over 100 different ankers in a variety of designs and materials there are options to match any style and budget. Shop online at or in selected stores.

Canada 1967 Dollar Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollars Italy 1984 10000 Lire
French Pacific Territories 1995 1000 Francs Ireland 1989 1 Pound Portugal 1987 500 Escudo

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