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24th September 2018 | Toronto, Canada


Ever Since the evolution of humankind, the struggle of looking stylish is constant and surprisingly, it is much more in men than women. Styling can often be associated with accessorizing and one such simple yet significantly charming men accessory is cufflinks. Cufflinks were originated to hold the shirt cuffs together, with early tailors using ornamental buttons and chains to fasten shirtsleeves which later evolved into polished and gem-encrusted cuffs that became a trend in France in late 1700’s.

In conversation with the main mind behind the amazing interchangeable cufflink brand ‘Pranga’, Daniel Feuer, LA POLO finds out the answers of some of the most common questions that every man has in his mind when it comes to cufflinks. Telling about the present trends and ways of wearing a cufflink, Daniel said - “ Well, most people wear cufflinks in a more formal or business functions, however, over the years the design has changed from more traditional to abstract designs. As such cufflinks are no longer restricted to formal events or formal wear. So, it's not uncommon for people to see people wearing cufflinks on jeans and paired with a jacket and no tie. The designs have gone from more formal to casual.”

No matter how small looking at this particular piece of men accessory is, wearing and flaunting it can be a hard task if not done properly. Keeping in mind the general query of the majority of men regarding the correct way of wearing a cufflink, we asked Daniel to provide us with some quicks tips that can be kept in mind while fastening the shirtsleeves. “This is regardless if it’s going to be casual or business, you should usually pick one particular color that would be complementary to what you are wearing and when you are in a more casual environment you have more colour options than you wouldn't necessarily have a more formal functions and that is also reflective of the design like the Marvel movies superhero cufflinks that people wear in casual environments in comparison to formal environments where people are seen wearing a hook or a plain square cufflinks,” said Mr. Feuer.

When it comes to styling and dressing up, be it a man or woman, the hustle doesn't limit to informal events or meets but follow an individual in its professional life even which makes it crucial to maintain a pleasing personality. The way a person dresses up serves as a powerful extension of his personal brand. In tête-à-tête with the founder of Pranga, we asked him what cuffs would work for a fella based on his profession on which he replied - “ People can never go wrong selecting a complimentary colour to work with the primary colour of their suit like if someone is wearing a blue then colours like brown and gold will go perfectly with it just like white and silver compliment black and darker red blends in with grey. With businessman specifically, they can wear designs and materials that are complementary to their work like it’s not uncommon for people who are in the mining industry to wear cuffs that look like gold or silver nuggets or rough minerals. When talking about an investment banker, again aside from those general colour combinations more subdued designs that are little traditional designs with colours like silver, gold, black, white or semi-precious stones will work for them. Lastly, people in the modelling fields or other related fashion streams should think out of the box. They should explore the wide variety of designs and colours that are trendy in formation like sports cars, metals coated with powder and vibrant in colour or encrusted with gemstones and crystals or even wood. However, regardless of choice and industry, the person is the primary driver is its complementary trait with other colours a person is wearing such as a shirt with a tie. You should not pick that is going to contrast instead of complimenting what you are wearing.

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