Answer me this - Six Cufflink Questions Part II

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AMA originated with members of AOL, the internet service to interact and ask each other questions. The first room was placed in the Romance category. It eventually morphed and appeared in the general chat category. By the year 2000, message boards began to see their own Ask Me Anything threads where specialists in a specific area encouraged posters to ask them questions. Things really didn't hit mainstream until the the Reddit introduction of the "I Am A" subreddit in May, 2009.

This isn't so much an Ask Me Anything (but feel free to post questions in the comment section), but Answering Most Everything that's related to cufflinks. I've seen so many questions related to cufflinks that it'll take a serious amount of time to write detailed, in-depth responses. However, this doesn't prevent us here at pranga & co, to provide some quick answers for six of those burning questions.

Who sells cufflinks?
You'll find cufflinks carried by Menswear stores, Jewelry Stores, some Giftware stores and Wedding/Formal Wear stores. Department stores carry them, but usually in the shirt/suit area of men's clothing. There are also some great vintage stores who carry them too. There's a whole lotta places that sell them online. We here at pranga do, but here's a link to a good Google search

Who buys cufflinks?
If your looking to sell some cufflinks you own, then it will likely be a pawn shop or the like. This is providing that your cufflinks were made with either precious metals or gemstones. Pawn shops may also be interested if they have a collectible nature to them.

Are cufflinks tacky?  No, just ask Weird Al Yankovic!Are cufflinks pretentious or tacky?
No, but let's be specific here. Cufflinks as a fashion choice are not tacky or pretentious but there are fashion trends that come and go. Looking back at history, some fashion choices from then could be considered tacky by today's standards. Wearing out of fashion cufflinks can be pretentious if not worn properly and in context of the event.

Who sells cufflinks and studs?
This is more of a speciality and generally you can find them carried by companies specializing in Wedding and Formal wear.

Where are cufflinks made?
I have yet to find a country where cufflinks are not made. If you come across any places, please let us know in the comments below.

Wearing cufflinks to a black-tie eventWhat cufflinks should I wear with a tuxedo at a black-tie event?
Let's get specific here about the details of your question. Black-tie is a dress code for social functions that start after 6 pm. This is a fancy party where men should wear tuxedos, but you need to understand that your attire should definitely be appropriate for the event. So what to wear . . . stick to cufflinks whose primary colours are silver or black. You can get away with small flashes of colour with the accents in the cufflinks.

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