Three Types of Dress Shirt Cuffs

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Men's formalwear and office style is considered pretty basic; ties are the go-to for personalizing these outfits, and maybe a pocket square here or there. A frequently overlooked way to add more style to these outfits is to experiment with different cuff types. Retailers sell dress shirts with a variety of different cuff types -- which one's right for you?

Barrel cuff shirtThe Barrel Cuff
Arguably the most common type of dress shirt, you'll see these at offices around the world. They're easily recognized by their barrel shape. Both sides of a barrel cuff overlap and are fastened together by a button on one side going inside a buttonhole on the other. Barrel cuffs come with one, two, or sometimes even three buttons (long armed gents, consider going for a 2 button cuff next time). Considered by many as the most casual type of cuff, a barrel cuff is not appropriate for a white or black-tie event.

The Link Cuff
As the name suggests, link cuffs require a cufflink. With a link cuff, the fabric is folded Link cuff shirt back onto itself so that the inside of the shirt sleeve shows as the outside of the cuff. They come in single and double "French cuffs". French cuffs are twice as long and work folded back on themselves, and are the usual choice for semi-formal or black-tie events. A thoughtfully selected pair of cufflinks lets your personality shine through, and gives you an extra style option. For an important business meeting, a wedding, or a formal event, a link cuff is definitely the best option. However, more and more men are choosing to wear a linkcuff in more casual environments as well as a way to further express their creativity and style.

The Convertible Cuff
Convertible cuff shirt The least known yet most versatile of the cuffs is definitely the convertible cuff. Cufflinks, buttons, the convertible cuff's got it all. These cuffs give you the choice: either button this shirt up like a barrel cuff, or convert the cuff to reveal the second, hidden buttonhole that can accommodate cufflinks. Truly versatile, convertible cuffs are great for someone who is travelling and has limited packing space but wants to have the option for both cuff types. These shirts are becoming increasing popular due to their versatility and value selling for the same price as barrel cuff shirts. Nearly every store carries them, just look for a button hole beside the cuff button.

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